About Us

Artisto is an interior design Studio based in Ras El-khaima, UAE since 2014. Specializing in architecture and interior design.

We aim to offer to our customers a luxurious and outstanding design and realizing their wishes with a unique way which suit their lifestyle and their budget.

Since our establishment, we have successfully completed many projects in UAE, Tunisia and Oman.   

 Services Offered Include:

  • Design and Interior architecture.
  • Manage project from concept to achievement no matter what size, with meticulous attention to details and coordination with all other craftsman and team on the construction site.
  • Replanning and relooking old architecture and interiors.
  • Designing and installing services stalls and shops.

Founded by the interior architect Hassan Abbes

Hassan Abbes engineered in Arts and Crafts, specialized in interior architecture.

In addition to his education, he has expertise in architectural visualization, advanced materials and interior/exterior rendering.

Hassan worked in Architecture and interior design since 2008 and he has extensive experience started in Tunisia and continued in UAE.

Hassan designs characterized by mixing the luxurious styles and the modern trends with a signature of contemporary materials and colors